Instead of real estate, today I’m discussing a local charity that needs our help.

Today I’m at Serving Our Kids, a foundation that provides meals to children in Southern Nevada who would otherwise go hungry. Many of you have called and emailed to ask how you can show your support for this charitable cause. As I’m sure you’re aware, the Clark County School District has suspended classes for the next few weeks.

Serving Our Kids is working with school counselors now to develop a system for getting food out to kids while school is not in session. Our usual 3,500 bags per week program is at a standstill until we can figure out the best way to distribute them. However, we hope you will still help us by donating. We need three main things: Ramen, fruit cups, and granola bars.



We need three main things: Ramen, fruit cups, and granola bars.

We understand that local grocery stores and warehouses are in short supply of some food items, but if you’re shopping and see one of the items listed above and are willing to give, please contact me. We’re willing to come pick up the items from you. We still have a bit of supply, but many of our shelves are empty. Local at-risk kids would truly appreciate a food or monetary donation.

If you have questions about Serving Our Kids, or what is going on with local real estate, please reach out via phone or email. I would be glad to speak with you.

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