As an owner of rental or investment property, property management is a good way to outsource the work you don’t want to do yourself. By hiring a professional property manager, you can eliminate the day to day headaches and the trials and tribulations involved in taking care of that property. When you’re managing the property on your own, you can expect calls in the middle of the night about a leaky faucet at the property or a sprinkler head that bursts. There are a number of things that can go wrong with tenants in your property. As an owner, you might not want to handle those things yourself. For the cost of an average dinner out, you can outsource these tasks to a professional property manager.  

An interesting statistic to consider is that between 80 and 85 percent of homes in Clark County, including Las Vegas, Boulder City, Henderson and North Las Vegas, are part of a common interest, known as an HOA or a homeowner’s association. These associations often come with a lot of rules and regulations that your tenants will have to follow. You might not want to deal with the violations that might come in for weeds that are too long or trash cans that are left out.  
As property managers, we have systems in place which ensure we do things the same way each time. This helps us stay organized with HOA regulations, service requests and lease signing. Property managers spend a lot of time studying cases and staying current in all laws and legislation pertaining to rental property. The systems we have in place and the amount of time we spend educating ourselves on new landlord and tenant developments protect our owners. We can help you manage your liability and protect yourself from potential lawsuits. Sometimes, words and gestures can be misconstrued as discriminatory or expressing favoritism. That’s why the systems a good property manager has in place are so effective. The end result always benefits the owner.  
Property managers are especially effective when it comes to their proximity to your property. If something should happen that requires having someone 

on site immediately to assess, inspect and clean up any damage, having a property manager nearby is extremely useful, especially if you are not in the area. If there is a fire or a flood, we can call the necessary emergency personnel and meet them there at the property.  
If you have any questions on what exactly property management is, and how you can benefit from a property manager in Las Vegas, please contact us at Ravago Group Property Management.